Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME)

Licensed AMEs are the unsung heroes of the aviation industry, playing a pivotal role in ensuring the safety and reliability of aircraft. With opportunities spanning airlines, Maintenance and Repair Organizations (MROs), and aircraft manufacturing companies, their expertise is indispensable. In India's burgeoning aviation sector, the demand for skilled AMEs is on the rise.

According to International standards of ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation) which is a specialised body of United Nations for civil aviation affairs, stating in ICAO Annexure I - Personnel Licencing, as well as the Indian Aircraft Rules-1937 and Aircraft Act-1934 passed by the Indian Parliament, “No aircraft can be released to fly without certification from a licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME)” In other words, any aircraft registered in India, whether it belongs to a private or government airline, government department, business, flying club, or emergency services such as air ambulance, can’t fly unless it has been certified for its airworthiness (safe operation) by a licensed AME, these licence are issued by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), Government of India as per the CAR-66 regulation.

Sha-Shib Group at a Glance

Sha-Shib Aerospace Engineering - Gurugram, India's premier DGCA-approved AME institute, proudly affiliated with the renowned Sha-Shib Group of Institutions. Nestled within the vibrant ecosystem of the Sha-Shib Group, the largest in South Asia for Aircraft Maintenance Engineering training, our institution shines for its steadfast dedication to fostering skilled aviation professionals.


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Sha-Shib Aerospace Engineering

Approved by Directorate General of Civil Aviation under CAR-147 (Basic)

World-class Training

Sha-Shib Aerospace Engineering (SAE) stands as a dedicated technical institute, making significant strides in the 21st century by delivering world-class technological education and systematic hands-on practical training with the latest flying machines to Aircraft Maintenance Engineering students.

Approved by DGCA, Govt. of India

SAE is approved by the DGCA under CAR-147 (Basic). This endorsement signifies adherence to stringent safety standards and regulatory requirements, ensuring the quality of training programs and facilities. This approval facilitates international recognition, enabling our licensed AMEs to pursue opportunities globally.

Located in a Conducive City

Gurugram, a prominent city in the National Capital Region (NCR), SAE provides a conducive environment for aviation professionals to excel in their education, setting the stage for success in the dynamic field of aviation. Also, Delhi-NCR is the most preferred city among students.

Smart Classrooms

We impart education through digital, smart, and air-conditioned classrooms, facilitating better comprehension and learning. Technology is an integral part of our teaching system. Our institute is filled with various workshops and working models related to aircraft systems, including the Airframe Shop, Engine Shop, Precision Shop, Welding Shop, Machine Shop, Fitting Shop, Instrument Shop, Radio Shop, Electrical Shop, etc., ensuring uncompromised training for AME students.

Practical Tieups with Major Companies

Through our strategic alliances with industry leaders like Air Works India Engineering Pvt. Ltd. and Deccan Charters, students of Sha-Shib Aerospace Engineering delve into real-world scenarios, honing their skills amidst professionals at the forefront of aviation. But it doesn't end there. Our commitment to practical education extends further with access to Sha-Shib Group's own 11 Maintenance Repair Overhaul Organisations spread across India for advanced practical training.

Hangar with Aircraft for Practical Training

Aircraft hangar of Sha-Shib Aerospace Engineering is filled with plenty of synthetic working mock-ups along with fully operational Lear-Jet 25B business jet aircraft for better understanding and exposure to practical knowledge for students. Our experiential curriculum goes beyond traditional teachings; students learn skills through rigorous practical training, helping them become industry leaders.

Our Presence

The Sha Shib Group has had a tremendous influence on the aviation sector with its national and worldwide presence, which offers top-notch educational and training facilities.

With a significant presence in three countries—India, UK, UAE, and USA—Sha Shib Group's extraordinary educational offerings have transcended national boundaries and improved the lives of countless students throughout the world.

India – "Sha Shib Group is widely present in 12 important Indian cities and provides excellent aviation education and training. It is in an excellent position to meet India's expanding aviation market needs.

United Kingdom - The second-largest aircraft manufacturing market in the world has enormous possibilities. Our presence there will improve our students' educational and training experiences, setting the path for a successful future in the aviation sector.

United States of America – The Sha Shib Group's presence in the USA gives students access to excellent instruction as well as career prospects in the largest aviation market in the world.

We operate various Aircraft maintenance companies at numerous Indian Airports

Guna Airport

Guna Airport, Guna, Madhya Pradesh

Ratlam Airstrip

Ratlam, Madhya Pradesh

Chhindwara Airport

Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh

Sonari Aerodrome

Sonari, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand

Biju Patnayak International Airport

ARDC, Near CUDCT, Bhubaneswar, Orissa

Karad Airport

Karad, Maharashtra

Hosur Airport

Taneja Aerospace Road, Belagondanahalli, Tamil Nadu

Sha-Shib Group of Institutions has emerged as the largest group in South Asia for providing training in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering. This achievement is not only due to its network of nine Aircraft Maintenance Engineering institutes but also its extensive Maintenance Repair & Overhauling Organizations (MROs) network, which includes six MROs with sub-base presence at 11 locations across India. This vast infrastructure enhances practical training opportunities for students, allowing them to gain valuable hands-on experience in the field.

IAE MRO, Navi Mumbai
ARDC MRO, Guwahati
ARDC MRO, Jamshedpur
ARDC MRO, Bhubaneswar
HAE MRO, Karad
ARDC MRO, Bhubaneswar
IASPL MRO, Mandsaur

Sha-Shib Aerospace Engineering, Gurugram
Institute of Aeronautics & Engineering, Bhopal
Indian Aerospace & Engineering, Navi Mumbai
Hindustan Aerospace & Engineering, Pune
Academy of Aviation & Engineering, Bengaluru
Utkal Aerospace & Engineering, Bhubaneshwar
Shashib Flying Academy, Guna
Sha-Shib Aviation Academy, Cochin
Aerospace Research & Development Centre, Jamshedpur

Shashib Flying Academy

Guna Airport, Guna Madhya Pradesh - 473001

Sha-Shib Flying Academy -Guna (MP)
Aerospace Research and Development Centre- Bhubaneswar
Hindustan Aerospace and Engineering - Karad (MH)

Sha-Shib College of Technology, Bhopal
Sha-Shib College of Engineering, Bangalore

Quetzal Air Hostess & Hospitality Academy

Major Recruiters

Do you know?

To guarantee the highest safety standards in the aviation sector, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) in India requires Aircraft Maintenance Engineers (AME) to get a licence. All AME training facilities must get DGCA approval, and their programs and exam procedures are routinely checked to see if they adhere to the authority's safety guidelines and requirements. Before receiving their license, AMEs must complete a demanding training program and successfully pass tests. The AME's ability to perform their jobs safely and effectively while upholding the highest standard of safety in the Indian aviation sector is ensured by this license.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) teaches students how to maintain and repair airplanes to keep them safe and airworthy. Topics including aircraft systems, materials, maintenance techniques, and safety protocols are covered in AME courses. Additionally, the course offers hands-on instruction and exposure to aircraft systems and components. People can work in a variety of sectors of the aviation industry, including airlines, maintenance and repair organizations, and aircraft manufacturing firms, after successfully finishing the AME course and getting the required licenses from the appropriate aviation authorities.

The AME course is divided into different streams, the Mechanical B1.1 stream of the AME course, which is separated into multiple streams, focuses on the maintenance and repair of aircraft with mechanical propulsion systems, such as jet engines and huge airplane constructions. The Mechanical B1.3 stream, on the other hand, focuses on the upkeep and repair of helicopters and turbine engines.

Students can profit in a variety of ways by taking an aviation course via a recognised organization like Sha Shib Group. The business is well known for providing top-notch education and training programs and has years of expertise in the aviation sector. The knowledgeable professors, exposure to cutting-edge aviation maintenance and repair technologies, and the opportunity for hands-on training are all advantages for students. Sha Shib Group also offers students internship and job placement possibilities with top aviation firms due to its extensive industry network. A student's credentials are more credible when they are studied under a reputable organization like Sha Shib Group, which may also raise their chances of success in the aviation sector. Multiple MROs and operational aircraft owned by Sha-Shib Group enable the students to gain practical experience throughout the training.

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Aviation Industry

Within the next ten years, India, which is now the world's seventh-largest civil aviation industry, is anticipated to overtake the United States as the third-largest civil aviation market. Additionally, a rise in demand for AMEs is anticipated as a result of the Indian government's emphasis on building regional airports and improving air connectivity throughout the nation.

Some facts about Aviation

  • India has a significant position in the worldwide MRO (maintenance, repair, and overhaul) services industry for airplanes. This is anticipated to increase the number of job prospects for AMEs in India, particularly as the nation grows more appealing to foreign airlines and MRO businesses eager to outsource their maintenance work.
  • With projects like Nagpur's Multi-modal International Cargo Centre and Airport (MIHAN), India has also made progress towards becoming an important cargo center.
  • Currently, India has 464 operational airports, 124 of which are under the ownership of the Airport Authority of India (AAI).
  • Various airports and airstrips are under construction around the nation.
  • There are 91 domestic and foreign airlines operating out of India, and many more are about to do so.
  • Potential for the growth of regional air travel in our nation under the "UDAN" RCS (scheme).

Benefits of joining an aviation industry :

  • Career Growth
  • Various job opportunities
  • Highly paid job roles